How to boost your company culture

How to boost your company culture

The importance of company culture.

During the last couple of years, companies have stepped up their game when it comes to company culture. The positive impact on the employee experience (EX) is major and engaging.

Swag, health, hybrid work options, and wellbeing first mentality are some of the most important topics when hiring.

Which steps can you as a company take to make sure your employees feel appreciation, value, and meaningful? It might sound silly, but merch (swag) is one of the most cost-efficient, most appreciated, and what has the most impact on building a positive company culture. And to be honest, mugs, pens, and poorly fitted t-shirts are old news.

Let us take a look at a couple of ways to improve your company swag and level up your EX.

Welcome new employees 🎉

To recruit the next star is not always easy. The company culture has a big impact on the decision. The swag might seem like a small piece of the puzzle, but the impact it has on feeling welcome and appreciated is huge. The first days are crucial and well-done onboarding and onboarding kit make the first impression go from good to amazing!

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Engage internal teams 🙌🏻

Can swag help the team building? Yes, it can have a great impact on uniting teams feeling part of the bigger picture where they work together towards common goals. In a company culture where more companies work in teams or squads, it can be hard to keep the motivation and make everybody feel that they belong. A nice squad swag will always push the extra motivation.

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Celebrate & praise employees 🤩

Employees are proud of the work they are doing. So, do not forget to make sure you know how valued your employees are. This will have a great impact on your business brand value in the market and workplace recommendations. And who should not be proud of their work? Without all employees, your business will not succeed with its mission.

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