Common mistakes with old company merch habits

Common mistakes with old company merch habits

Merch and swag for companies have long been outdated, stiff, and has a habit of never being used.

Mainly because the focus when choosing merch for a company has been on printing the logo or company name on the cheapest possible product, which led to poorly looking and fitting merch.

Many companies still think that employees, partners, and customers will be engaged by a logo on cups and pens.

Below we listed common mistakes companies do when choosing their new merch and swag.

🥇 Putting the company name and logo first

Long, companies have been focusing on that merch and swag needs to have their company name or logo. How many of you have seen a coffee cup, hat, or shirt in a nice blue color but with a 20-year-old yellow logo on it? You get our point… This is not engaging by anyone, more than moving into a brief window of being retro.

Instead, let's focus on engaging your employees, partners & customers. The unexpected, the bold, the fun & personal. Something that will create conversations, stand out in the crowd, and actually will be worn.

🤑 Price before looks

We know, there is a budget… But having a budget does not mean that you have to settle for the ugly, misfitted.

It often costs more to hire new employees and to change processes than making small changes that both inspire, improving NPS, and create a more happy company culture. So, look for small improvements that will be cost-efficient and sustainable in the end.

👴🏼 Stuck with ”how it always has been”

Sometimes when we discuss company swag and merch with customers and partners, it feels like w stepped into the 70th, 80th, or 90th...

The processes around merch are so setback and have not been given any love since the old generation.

We hear comments like, we need a pen! Maybe a coffee cup? How about a business card holder?… In the end, how many use a pen in their daily more remote and digital work life? And when was the last time you handed out your business card? Do you even know where they are?

💩 Bulk buy

Related to price before looks, companies often buy merch and swag in bulk because it is a better price when ordering higher quantities. It is a start fee for printing. And the shipping is expensive. And after some years, how much old merch do you have left, and is it out of date? In the end, not so cost-efficient.


So, to summarize. Put your employees, customers, and partners first, think outside the box, and do not get stuck with old habits. Have the freedom to choose quantities, design, and supplier that supports shipping to remote co-workers branded and packed after your preferences.

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